Casteism is a thing of the past, right? Oh, it’s as non-existent as a blue-skinned alien? Cool. But do you know what it’s like when you’re viewed as an alien in your own country?

There isn’t a day in the country when someone isn’t treated differently based on their caste, but we’re simply not ready to talk about it. The roots of casteism are deep and it’s likely to grow one foot deeper every time you think oh this doesn’t happen in urban areas.

What you’re going to see next is something you might have already seen while crossing your lane yet overlooked without paying heed to the elephant in the room: The caste system.

While house-hunting, a Twitter user @MukeshSunkariya came across a flat allowing Jain and Agarwal tenants only.

Twitter is erupting in wrath since the landlord should bow down in shame instead of explicitly showcasing their mindset on the roads. 

What’s even more appalling is that people dipped in knee-deep caste privilege running to defend this post. These are the same people who casually spew casteist slurs with no realisation whatsoever. When will we learn?