It’s day I-lost-track-of-time in quarantine. And we’ve been staying indoors with our family in order to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. 

However, we’ve all left a huge chunk of our life outside these four walls. 

It has reached a point where even my introvert personality can’t wait to step out with my friends. But I’m also sure that we are all spending more time with together, than we’ve ever spent before. 

We’re constantly video-calling each other, playing games together online and even keeping a track of each other’s health. The pandemic has us building a strong foundation for our friendship all over again. 

Especially with that one friend, who is quarantined alone. We’re all taking turns to keep him occupied through the day. Checking in to see if he is physically and mentally fine. The lockdown is bringing out the best in all of us. 

And then there’s the friend who is on the front lines as a healthcare worker and is working day in and out. We’re checking in to make sure she’s eating between shifts and at least getting a good laugh when she sees us. 

Rather than Instagram and Facebook, we now have multiple ways in which we’re reaching out to our inner circle. Zoom, Netflix Party, Houseparty, Brunch Live, Words With Friends, Evil Apples and literally anything on which we can interact with each other, we’re on it. 

We’re exploring the internet together, sending each other links to apps where we can be productive together and that’s so heartwarming. 

In the face of this pandemic, we’re all obviously scared, afraid and worried. But we make sure to keep pulling each other up. Because that’s what all this interaction is for, a way to make each other smile. 

We’re sending each other memes, playlists, movie recommendations and articles to lighten the mood. We’re texting friends we haven’t kept in touch with but know live away from their family to make sure they’re doing well. 

In the midst of this lockdown, friendships are blooming and keeping us sane. So here is a reminder to keep in touch because to someone, it could mean a lot more than you think.