It’s been almost two years since TikTok was banned in India, along with an army of Chinese owned apps. The app struck a chord with the Indian masses and had upwards of 200 million users in the country, steadily integrating itself into the daily Indian routine. With a heavy heart, we can’t help miss all the cringe videos and the weird AF content. Does everyone agree it’s high time TikTok re-entered our lives with its mass flurry of oddball videos and mindblowing concepts? 

Government if you’re reading this, please bring TikTok back!

I know what you’re going to tell me. There are other apps. No, there aren’t. As soon as TikTok shut down, hundreds of clones quickly popped up in the Indian markets, however, none of them can even come close to the wondrous pleasure TikTok brought into our lives. Not only are their interfaces crap, but the standard of content has also gone down tremendously with virtually zero regulations. Apps like Moj and Koo only make us miss TikTok more.

And speaking of content, can we please for the love of God, stop with the dancing videos. The rapid rise of short video, opened up a whole new avenue for creators to explore and produce cool, innovative content. However, Bollywood crazy Indians only seem to focus on one thing: dance. While they are an entertaining watch, it would be nice to have some diversity in content. Currently, my brain is numb from people ruining historic landmarks by dancing to Kacha Badam in front of them. At least TikTok had videos from around the world and other engaging stuff to watch.

Not to mention TikTok was a genuine source of income for people in small towns. For the first time in the nation, an app opened up several avenues of income for people from small towns who otherwise wouldn’t have the same opportunities most big-city folks do. It provided them with a platform to showcase their content and an opportunity to profit off their art. Overnight they were forced to lose millions of followers and in turn tons of revenue and sponsorship deals. 

There’s no point denying it, TikTok had some insane content with spectacular production value and great comedic timing. That’s something these knock-off apps could never grasp. 

And above all, we’re missing out on hundreds of bizarre videos and celebrities going wild! So please, can we end this rough patch and become besties again? I need an outlet to aimless scroll my feelings away.