Luxury label Sabyasachi is trending on Twitter as netizens slam the brand for misappropriate representation of mangalsutra and hurting religious sentiments in their recent Ad. 

The luxury brand recently debuted an Intimate Fine Jewellery collection featuring ‘The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra,’ and released images of the new line on its official Instagram handle with this caption-

Introducing the Royal Bengal Mangalsutra 1.2 and the Bengal Tiger Icon collection of necklaces, earrings and signet rings in 18k gold with VVS diamonds, black onyx and black enamel. 

The ad campaign showcases a woman dressed in denim and a black bra, as well as a mangalsutra, which is part of the collection. 

The advertisement, however, came under fire on Twitter with some claiming that the improper representation of the mangasutra on scantily dressed women was done only to draw attention.

However some had a different POV of looking at the same. 

What do you think about this advertisement?