My morning was going just fine till I stumbled upon a what-the-f**k opinion about the definition of an ideal wife. I am talking about the Twitter post that promotes a patriarchal norm of marrying one such girl who can worship you. Like literally with puja-ki-thaali and all. ‘Coz pati toh parmeshwar hota hai!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

So, @Rebel_notout, borrowed a photo of South actress Pranita Subhash and posted it on the micro-blogging platform. In the photo, Pranita can be seen sitting on the floor and her husband, Nitin Raju is resting on the chair. The couple is reportedly celebrating a festival called Bheemana Amavasya.

In the picture, Nitin’s feet are placed on a thaali or paraat with some flowers on the sides as a part of the festival’s ritual. Other 2-3 puja-ki-thaalis are kept on the ground. Pranita can be seen praying with folded hands while gazing at him. He is also praying along with her. The Twitter user wrote, “Marry a girl who can do this for you.”

Netizens were quick enough to school him. Check out their reactions:

Nope I disagree marry a girl who can respect your parents her own family tradition plus your family expectations and who can uphold the sacred tradition of Hindu dharma. No need to do pati puja at least I am against it.


It’s 2022 and still so easy to discriminate a woman. When it comes to marriage, its ironical that men want women to do corporate jobs but also be sanskari and take care of the house. And of course, women have to be beautiful. 


Well, some Twitter users also supported the idea:

According to Times of India, Bheemana Amavasya is observed by women to pray for the long lives of their husbands in Karnataka.

While many people support the idea of worshiping men ‘coz it’s a part of rituals, for some, it is an act of slavery. What do you think?