The idea of moving out of your parents’ home is pretty much considered bizarre in India. Or absolutely unnecessary! While there’s really nothing wrong with living with your parents as an adult, it’s undeniable that this has slowly created a culture that doesn’t support having boundaries with family. 

So when we found this Twitter thread by @Queen__Bello talking about her sister and mom constantly crashing at her house, we couldn’t help but relate! Because, what’s more desi than parents and family constantly being in each other’s space?

In it, she hilariously talked about how her family constantly stays over at her house, and it’s even easier for them to visit because they live 10 minutes away from her.

Though, @Queen__Bello did make it clear that she only posted about it as a joke. And that she loves her family, but found it funny how comfortable they were in being at her house so often. 

Most people pointed out that she clearly needs to set some boundaries with her mom and sister, while others talked about similar situations they’ve been in. Either way, it seems you need boundaries with people even when you love them to death. 

You can love your family and still want space from them. It’s OKAY.