As Indians, most of us have been raised with certain beliefs about valuing community and family. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with those beliefs, we all know that some times, they can be incredibly harmful to our mental health and emotional wellbeing.

For instance, desi culture is usually quite dismissive of family abuse and toxicity. We’ve been taught to turn a blind eye to these things from a young age.

Which is why we found this Twitter post by @astralfvck so interesting to talk about. In it, the OP has said that it’s not necessary that you introduce your partner to your family (especially if they’re abusive or toxic). And we get it!

Here’s how other people chimed in with @astralfvck’s post. Most people talked about having toxic family members who they would rather maintain boundaries with and for. 

While others were more lighthearted and simply didn’t think there should be so much pressure on them or anyone to introduce their family members. 

We totally agree to this person’s POV too. Because as an adult it is no one else’s job but yours to discern and choose a life partner. 

And honestly, desi culture enables co-dependent behavior. We’re often guilt tripped about not involving our family members in life decisions that quite frankly, don’t require anyone else’s input. 

Also this, as Indians, we often end up viewing the act of meeting our partner’s family as a non-negotiable. 

So much so, that it subconsciously becomes a marker for how serious you are about a relationship. Like it’s some kind of a certificate of how much you love a person. But unfortunately not everyone grows up with family members who feel safe enough to be included in every part of their life. 

And then here is this Twitter user sharing why he doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents. And that explains why he would choose to not introduce his partner to them, TBH!

But of course there were many people who had valid points and feelings about why it’s important to meet the parents (as partners). 

Personal opinion: As an adult you have full right to decide who you choose to include in your life decisions (or life, in general).