It’s easy to underestimate just how harmful noise pollution can be, in the long run. But, if you think about it, sitting in a traffic jam for over 15 minutes or hearing incessant honking while driving does leave you unsettled and frustrated. And unfortunately, in a recent report by WHO, it was revealed that multiple Indian cities are among the top most noise polluted cities in the entire world. 


While UP’s Moradabad is the second most noise polluted city in the world at 114 dB, Dhaka, Bangladesh at 119 dB topped the list. According to The United Nations Environment Programme’s latest report, it seems, the most noise polluted cities are in South Asia. 


Most of the top 15 cities in the report are from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines or China. Though New York (US), Damascus (Syria) and Algiers (Algeria) are some exceptions. 

Also, Kolkata has been recorded to be at 89 dB noise level, Asansol at 89 dB noise level and Delhi at 83 dB noise level, among other Indian cities. 


I think we can all do with a little less noise. Won’t do us any harm at all.