Sometimes the internet gives us strange AF hacks that stir up quite a lot of controversy among people. For instance, this latest TikTok trend that is called vabbing. 

A combination of the words “vagina” and “dabbing” that is used to describe the practice of wearing your own vaginal secretions as perfume. Oof, how shocking is this to read, right?


Apparently, the technique is supposed be used before a date, or in general if you’re simply looking to attract a potential partner. 

Because it is believed that the pheromones present in the vaginal discharge will pull a partner in like a magnet. Bet you never imagined seeing this day, where you’d be hearing of something as wild as this, right? Yeah, me neither. 


TikTok user @jewlieah claimed that vabbing got her free drinks and a gift from multiple guys she met at the pool, and many other women have made similar claims. 

But unfortunately, even going by the pheromones theory, not many doctors and people from the science community believe that the hack is effective. 

Here are all the very interesting responses netizens have had to the practice. Which by the way, range from grave disapproval to a certain amount of curiosity and humor. 

Personal opinion: As far as the scientific evidence for how successful this technique is and how hygienic it is, vabbing does not seem like a great idea. 

But at the same time, it’s equally problematic (if not more) that every time women share some slightly unheard-of personal experience or practice, it takes people less than a split second to utter words like ‘witch,’ or ‘witchcraft.’