Everyone experiences difficulties in life and something that can make all the difference in the world during such times is hearing kind words from the people around us. I mean, that is why so many of us listen to motivational speakers right? The words empower us. And we’ve stumbled upon a wonderful Twitter thread that has given us a real-life example of this phenomenon. 

In this thread, Dr. Sabiha, who is a life coach, shared an extremely sweet and heartwarming encounter between her father, and a Skechers area manager. She talked about running into Mr. Datta, who told her and her father of how he became so successful and happy all thanks to Sabiha’s father and his motivational words. Take a look at the tear-jerking thread yourself. 

She even posted a video where Mr. Datta is talking about how years ago, he worked as a paper boy and her father was one of his customers. Back then, something that Dr. Sabiha’s father said, completely changed his outlook on life and made him the person he is today. 

Here is how netizens responded to the extremely sentimental and touching story. 

Sometimes, a person just needs someone to believe in them.