There are a few situations that you might run into daily, or at least regularly, that make you want to yank your hair out. Yes, even the tiniest actions can have an effect on you. Exactly like when someone pulls a chair across the room or puts ketchup in the Maggie. What makes you think that this is a good idea, exactly?

Thus, when a Redditor asked what makes people angry instantly, the thread was undoubtedly swamped with responses that are highly relatable.

1. “Getting blamed for something you didn’t do.”


2. “When someone calls me and I just barely miss the call, I immediately call them back, and they don’t pick up… What happened in those brief seconds that changed your current action plan in life?”


3. “Earbuds being ripped from your ears when the cord gets caught on something.”


4. “People who don’t let others off things (elevators, subways, etc.)… while they try to get on.”


5. “Ever caught your belt loop on a door handle?”


6. “When I wake up and see my phone hasn’t charged and is almost drained.”


7. “People who constantly talk over people and won’t shut up.”


8. “People being rude to waiters.”


9. “Parents yell my name but then don’t respond when I ask them ‘what’s up?’ “


10. “People who lick their fingers to turn a page over. It’s unhygienic and makes me cringe.”


11. “Passive-aggressive comments. You have a problem? Just say it!”


12. “Calm down.”


And we may simply relate to each and every annoying conduct listed here. Stop, would you?