From food to porn, everything is available at the tap of a button. Things have never been easier for this generation because there’s an app for everything!

One can even find love of their preference and doesn’t even have to go out or interact with people for that to happen. That’s the beauty of a dating app. 

So, while we all can rejoice at the fact that finding love can’t get any simpler, let’s not forget that sometimes all one needs is a best friend to talk about the several shitty days one is going through at work or the fact that a date was just plain pathetic. 

And if you’re a person like me whose BFF’s have migrated to another city (read: continent), then life just becomes bland. And honestly, growing older is helping none of us making new friends, amirite?  

So my question here is that where can I find an app to find me a best friend? 

Not a friend who I have to be ‘cordial’ with. Or the one with whom I have to lie to. I am asking for a ‘best friend’.

With whom I can have weird inside jokes. With whom I can make fun of that kiss-ass. Somebody who gives me constructive criticism even if it offends me. Basically someone with whom I have zero filters. 

I mean, can there be an app that can match my and my future best friend’s interests?

Where we hate the same person and compliment each other’s crushes? Where we can just be each other’s wing person when there is a dire need and take each other’s case when one of us is acting stupid. 

I mean, there needs to be a special person to get drunk and dance all night on shitty music. 

And honestly, just someone to always have my back without any judgements (even if it means )

Sure, there may be a ‘feature’ in one or two dating apps that asks us to ‘find friends’. But that is like ordering biryani at a pizzeria. Who even does that? 

So yeah, finding ‘a soulmate’ on an app might be dreamy, but if an app can find me a best friend as weird as I am then nothing compares to it. 

Millennial apps, you feel me?