As COVID-19 cases have begun to decline in India, many offices have resumed work and are switching back to working from an office. We asked people if they prefer going to work or working from home and here’s what they think!

Time Magazine

1. “I think working from the office gives you the bandwidth to separate your personal and professional life. So I definitely won’t miss working from home, even if it means I need to get out of bed.”
– Akanksha Bhatia

2. “Work from home/remote work, any day. And I realise it only now with the pandemic when hygiene, social distancing, boundaries and mental health have taken precedence. I can no longer imagine myself being in a closed space for more than 2 to 3 hours with 2 – 3 people, max. (all of whom are social distancing and following hygiene protocols), without going into panic mode. I can no longer imagine myself using public, or shared washrooms as I’m unsure of the hygiene maintenance. Work from home has also allowed me the space to focus on work completely during the working hours & be twice as productive as I would be in a workspace where energies & priorities are constantly shifting & boundaries constantly get compromised. In fact, I get more done work-wise. It’s also taught me that with effective communication, people can actually say & get more done than they would otherwise. Basically, remote work has helped cut a lot of the unnecessary elements that would usually attach themselves to an office space. Plus, the additional hours spent commuting back and forth, staying late at work simply because we can, is simply not worth it, in a city like ours. Overall, it’s great for the environment, great for my savings, and a great way to stay away from the closeted covidiots and unhygienic measures I’m unsure of.”
– Dessidre Fleming

3. “Need hybrid! As much as I enjoy working from home because of its comfort, I do miss office chai-sutta breaks, ranting and brainstorming sessions. We want ‘3 days WFH and 2 days office’ supremacy.” 
– Sakshi Shukla

4. “Work from office tbh because there’s no bed to sleep and take unnecessary breaks. Also, meetings are more fun.”
– Vansh Jain

5. “Surprisingly, I personally am enjoying working from the office. There are lesser humans around me during my working hours and it finally feels so great to get out of my house.”
– Bhavik Kapoor

6. “I prefer working from home because I get to take breaks as per my convenience.”
– Gunjan Jain

7. “I believe working in an office space is better because it makes you more focused as you are there just for doing that particular work. And when it comes to working from home, the idea of a workspace is gone and there are a lot of household distractions.”
– Deepanshu Kukreja

8. “According to me, working from office is so much better. There are several projects/tasks where you need to interact with people. Working from home with such tasks takes double (or even triple) time to be completed.”
– Shruti Joshi

9. “Personally, I have loved working from home because it’s given me more freedom to manage work and personal time. The idea of rejoining the office or society is scary. Also, we’re literally living in the age of technology and work from home is far easier than it has ever been!”
– Anoymous

10. “Working from home gave us the flexibility to work on our terms, while still meeting deadlines. The reduced pressure and stress of commute resulted in higher productivity. Now, with work from the office, it feels like you are already tired by the time you reach the office and then there is also the added stress of the pandemic still raging on. And, you do not know who around you is still maintaining hygiene. So, I personally think that if they work and productivity was at a peak with working from home, then work from office is not really necessary.”
– Anonymous

11. “Work from office, obviously! I want those sutta breaks and potluck lunches with my friends back ASAP. Plus it was fun when we used to meet new people every other day.”
– Anonymous

12. “I like work from home as it gives flexibility and you don’t have to deal with people you don’t like at work. And saves so much time on the commute.”
– Anonymous

13. “Work from home. I can go swimming at lunchtime. My home has cats to pat. No fighting over the air conditioner settings. There are no half-deaf older colleagues yelling into their head-set at the next desk. No nasty stinky fish curry in the microwave. I could go on.”

Where do you prefer working from: home or office? Let us know in the comments!