We lost the match, yes we did – and the burden of this defeat will weigh on our shoulders for a long time to come.

But cricket is defined as much by spirit as it is by numbers, and we showed some great spirit today.


5 for 3. 5 FOR 3!

Indian Express

From 5 for 3, we walked the rocky road to 221. 

That says something about India and screams something about its players.

India Today

Our old heroes fell, so newer ones emerged. 


Against all odds, Ravindra Jadeja put every ‘bit and piece’ of his soul into the game today and the result is for everyone to see. 

Yes, it wasn’t enough in the end. 

But he gave us hope, and hope as you know is the greatest of all things.


Now, how can I talk about ‘hope’ and not mention this man. The man who walks into the sunset, without that much-beloved trophy in his hands.

Money Control

He tried, though, right? And we can find peace in that. I hope he does too.

I hope that the awareness of giving everything to the sport, helps him sleep well during nights to come. 

Hindustan Times

Nights that won’t be easy, nights that won’t show any mercy.

Almost like our bowlers.


The bowlers who were unplayable on many occasions and magnificent, overall, to say the least.

Oh, what all did they change with their performance? Well, among many things the meaning of the words: Indian bowlers.

India Today

The ‘Indian bowlers’ are consistent, now, and they are lethal enough to bring any side down. 

It’s true, we didn’t win the World Cup but isn’t that a good gift to come home with?


Team India, no matter what anyone says, we only have love and respect for you in our hearts.

It’s true that we scream and shout when you make mistakes. 

But it is not lost on us that are you are humans just like us, only extraordinary in your acts that make you so great.

So, when you walk out of the stadium, hold your heads high.

You gave us some great cricket to see in the tournament and as much as it hurts to see you lose, we know you will bounce back stronger.

Another World Cup will come and we will try our best again. As humans, that’s all we can do anyway.