If you’ve ever experienced Indian winters, you’d agree with me that this season is undoubtedly the best season you’ll experience in the country. 

It is all about those foggy days, those hot baths, bundling yourself in your warm razai and most importantly those juicy hot bhuttas. 

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As the season slowly approaches, you’ll find some vendor selling bhutta or makkai (corn) on practically every street corner. Even if you’re not really a fan, the aroma of the smoky corn on a cob will compel you to stop and buy one regardless. 

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And if you don’t ask that bhuttawala bhaiya to add extra nimbu, salt and chilli powder to that 20 rupees worth of bhutta, then honestly, you’re missing a lot of things in life. 

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But the aroma is not the only temptation that lures one to bite into that piping hot bhutta. Eating one of these juicy delights is peak Indian winter nostalgia.

It reminds me of those vacation days at the grandparents place when our dadi/ nani used to roast those soft corn kernels after we used to take a break from playing.   

It reminds of those times when the entire family came together to enjoy this chatpata treat and talk about their entire day around a small bonfire. Those innocent days of eating these delights with our friends after spending the entire evening playing with them. 

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But bhutta doesn’t just get nostalgia points, it is pretty much the best snack to munch on. I mean what is healthier than corn? Amirite? Your parents would never stop you from eating too much.

No matter how old you get or what city in India you shift to, you’ll always find a bhuttewala bhaiya on the roadside roasting that delicious corncob. 

So, gather some courage, get out of your warm razais, get out of your house and find that bhuttawala bhaiya making your days happier with those mouth-watering bhuttas. (with extra nimbu).