Flight engineers at Mumbai airport were greeted by a freeloading owl onboard a Jet Airways Boeing 777.

Source: Jet Airways

According to NDTV, the winged flyer was perched by the window beside the flight commander's seat.

Airport officials retrieved the owl and handed it over to the Mumbai airport's fire department, who released it. 

Maybe because it was caught red-handed, the owl didn't make a fuss when the airline staff tried to get it out. They even managed to catch a selfie with the owl.

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Ground staffers think that the nocturnal flyer might have entered the plane at night when one of its doors was open. We geddit lil birdie, flying can be tiring but flying without a ticket is kinda illegal.

Source: DeviantArt

And obviously, Twitterati had some priceless reactions to it.

Last month, a mynah bird hitched a ride from Singapore to London. It took the business class for its 'migration'.

The birds are finally evolving with the changing times.