I was asked to change the introduction of this article, so I changed it to this.

All the passive aggressive people in the house, here are some memes to relate to.

1. "After all this time?" You betcha!

2. Blep, always.

3. You signed up yourself for another year of passive aggressive.

4. Holding onto my grudges like

 5. How dare he!

6. 'TaLk ThInGs OuT?' What is that?

7. Yes, all my grudges spark joy, Marie Kondo.

8. Ek minuute...

 9. #PassiveAggressiveDiaries

 10. You think I wouldn't notice?

 11. You CC'ed me last? I'll remember this!

 12. Gotta be dramatic first.

13. Thanks and regards.

14. My inner side is a dark place.

 15. Sorry not sorry.

 16. I told you!

 17. Oho, bade cool ho aap.

18. Not happening.

19. You know it, Facebook.

 20. On Wednesdays we bite the people who have wronged us.

21. I'm petty like that.

22. Talk things out? Psshh... Never going there.

Go, be petty now. 

Design credit - Lucky Mehendiratta.