Did you know that Phoebe and Mike were not going to end up together originally? But thank god they did, because they were the best couple on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 

Yes, them. Not Ross and Rachel, not Monica and Chandler.

They were the perfect musical duo.

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Mike could always match Phoebe's dark humour with his own wit.

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Phoebe appreciated what she had in Mike.

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But seriously, she tried her best to make a good impression in front of Mike's parents.

They didn't let go of each other no matter how 'difficult' things got.

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After a difficult childhood, Phoebe deserved only the best, and Mike was everything and more.

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Because he loved Phoebe like he'd never loved anyone else.

He stood up for her in front of his mother who didn't approve of Phoebe.

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Remember, when Mike had to tolerate Ross for Phoebe when she went out with Rachel?

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Both Mike and Phoebe didn't let facts come in the way of fun.

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They were both weird in their own ways, but they were never embarrassed of each other.

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Even when things didn't seem to end well, the love never ceased.

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Mike would do anything to get back with Phoebe, even if it meant finger-fighting.

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Or proposing to her thrice.

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Or taking a weird name after their marriage.

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They raised Phoebe's pet mouse's kids together.

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When they smiled at each other, you could feel the love.

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They hugged each other like there was no tomorrow.

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The look on Mike's face when she walked down the aisle was priceless.

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Hands down, theirs was the best on-screen wedding.

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Mr. and Mrs. Banana-Hammock for the win!