A woman's sexuality is often questioned, repressed, looked down upon and sometimes, even chastised. Across the world, women are told to keep their mouths shut and their legs closed, so the question of orgasms never really arises.

But this one guy is trying to change that and much more by clicking women in their most sexual and vulnerable moment - when they are getting an orgasm.

In a bold move, a Brazilian photographer, Marcos Alberti started the O Project. This photo series seeks to draw people's attention to the fact that a woman's sexuality is as natural as a man's.

In the process, he clicked them before, during, while and after they were finished. Every snap captures a woman's expressions and acts as a window to what the woman was feeling in that moment.

Since time immemorial, women's sexual rights have been ignored. Apart from being a sexual object, a woman is barely seen as anything else. However, this photo series aims to change that.

All images have been used with the permission of the photographer.

To view the whole project, go here.