Ever since the beginning of the world, a handful of people have controlled the majority of wealth and resources, leaving the rest of the millions struggling to make ends meet.

Quite recently, photographer and documentary filmmaker Johny Miller captured this huge difference in the living standard between the rich and the poor in India's financial capital Mumbai. 

Today, one more picture pointing at the soaring inequality between those who live in the slums and the ones living in high rise building in plush localities has surfaced on the internet.

Captured by photographer Pranshu Dubey, the photograph shows a belt of trees dividing the Mumbai slum from Powai- Mumbai's upmarket residential neighbourhood. 

While some recommended the implementation of a socialist government to bridge the gap.

Others blamed the rampant deforestation and urbanization for the deteriorating condition of the city.

There were also people who blamed disproportionate development for this divide.

Whatever the reason is, will we ever be able to bridge these extremes?