Depression has been often identified as a form of emotional pain like sadness, crying,  feelings hopelessness etc. However, it is a manifest of physical pain too.  Physical pain can be an alarming sign of psychological distress that needs to be catered. Look out for these 6 signs that your body gives indicating that you might be undergoing depression. 

1. Fatigue or lower energy levels is a common symptom of depression. 

2. When a person is depressed, his body's pain tolerance level decreases. 

3. Depression often leads to an inflamed digestive system and irritable bowel syndrome.

4. Constant back pain or muscle aching can be a strong physical sign of depression. 

5. Having frequent headaches in a particular section of the brain can be a sign of depression.

6.  A person with disturbed mental health has high chances of getting frequent food poisoning or gastrointestinal viruses.