Like the generation before me, I, too, bring my good ol' friend, nostalgia, into my conversations. And I am going to bring this friend in this post too.

A special corner is reserved in my heart for music videos from the 90s and early 2000s (when I was growing up). These videos were as popular as Bollywood blockbusters then. And though there are many I want to talk about, there is one music video that sticks out.


Piya Basanti was a song that tugged at the heartstrings of the entire country when it released. While its soulful music and lyrics got everyone spellbound, it was the video that had everyone hooked to it on TV.

It was the video that prompted some to buy the cassette (yes, cassette). It was directed by the brilliant Pradeep Sarkar and pulled the viewer into the love story--set in the idyllic hills of Kothgarh-- between its characters.

And while I remember this video specifically, I did not realise that it had a second part to it. This is until I paid attention to the end of the first video which concluded with a promise of a sequel.


If you had missed it too or forgotten about it, fret not. We have the second part here. And if you remember it, well, there's no reason you can't watch it again.

Can someone hit the rewind button and take me back?