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Feb 02, 2018 at 18:24

This Soul-Stirring 20 Minute Video Of Piyush Mishra Reciting His Own Poem Is Worth Every Minute

by Shabdita Pareek

Piyush Mishra is one of the celebrated contemporary poets whose writings manage to strike a chord with us every time. This time, it's his latest poem titled 'Tum Meri Jaan Ho Raziya Bee', which he recited at the Great Indian Film and Literature Festival's Raipur chapter. 

A gripping coming-of-age tale of a poet, his encounter with a prostitute, her profundity despite her constant struggles in life, and the poet's eventual realization of the shallowness of his own words and understanding of life, watch Piyush Mishra recite it in his own special way: 


Soul-stirring indeed.

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