As several on Twitter rightly pointed out, irony just died on Thursday when Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh was spotted urinating in public. 

In a viral tweet by Rashtriya Janata Dal's official handle, the BJP minister can be seen relieving himself at the corner of a wall while two security personnel stand guard.  

"Amid heavy security, Union Minister on his way to initiate an irrigation project in a drought affected area. He also fueled the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan", the tweet mocked. 

This comes as a major blow to Prime Minister's ambitious Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan which finds a supporter in Mr Singh himself.  

As quoted by Hindustan Times, the minister, however, defended himself by blaming lack of urinals on National Highway 28 near Pipara for his desperate act that he did not intend. 

He also cleared that the picture was that of a Dhaba near the NH. 

The Lal Batti fuss

While several criticised the minister for his careless action, there were a few who pointed out the "Lal batti" on his vehicle.  

From May 1st, the Narendra Modi cabinet prohibited the use of red beacon lights on official VVIP vehicles. 

To this state BJP spokesperson, Rajib Ranjan reasoned with Hindustan Times that the photographs were "six months to one year old" and the ban was not implemented that time. 

(Feature image source: Twitter)