Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have completed 2 years in office with a 74% approval rating, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been trolled incessantly over the last year, despite having a large army of supporters online. 

Whatever the Modi government, along with its  triumphant leader, may or may not be, they definitely are the butt of a whole lot of internet jokes, ranging from memes, GIFs, videos and more. 

On the second anniversary of the Modi government, we went ahead and collected the best Twitter and Facebook trolling over the past year. So we have : 

1. When Modi met Modi

2. When Modi government wanted to bring back the Kohinoor

3. When Modi and David Cameron had a little chat

4. When Modi could’t stop loving the camera and Twitter couldn’t stop the trolls

6. We promise this is the last one on that subject

7. When Modi visited Teheran and inspired this

8. When Modi had a personal chat with Apple’s CEO

9. When trolls didn’t even spare him on his birthday

10.Or on April Fools’ Day

11. When Modi’s frequent international trips kept trolls busy

12. When even Modi couldn’t escape the ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ fever

13. When Modi’s degree became the talk of the town

14. When Modi got pally with Mark

15. When Modi fell in love with himself

Let’s see what gems this year gives us!

(Feature Image Source: Twitter/@scotchism)