What started off as a loudmouth billionaire entering the race for becoming the republican presidential candidate in US entertaining people, has rapidly escalated into widespread chaos in the country, as people even in the republican party are now worried about Donald Trump becoming the American president.

Americans are used to anxious moments be it the Cuban missile crisis or 9/11, but Trump piling up wins on Super Tuesday was something else, as there was a 350% rise in users looking up “How can I move to Canada?” on Google, a New York Times report said.

An art teacher from Brooklyn, Nancy Lauro told The Washington Post that she was looking for information on acquiring Italian citizenship, she said,

“This is not a pathological response to a normal situation, but a normal response to a pathological situation. Picking up one’s life feels impossible, but I keep flashing on those people who fled Germany when the writing was on the wall and those who didn’t. When do you take action to get out?”

When a RJ from Cape Brenton in Canada started a website inviting Americans to move there if Trump becomes president, around four lakh people checked the official website in a matter of weeks, as opposed to three lakhs in the past one year.

A massage therapist from Virginia told The Washington Post that she allows her clients to vent for sometime, and is now accustomed to clients complaining about Donald Trump, even though it gets stressful at times.

A New York psychologist Judith Schweiger Levy said how a patient talked only about how crazy and frightening Trump is, and that she was worried about her own sister supporting him. 

She said, “Part of the reason he makes people so anxious is that he has no anxiety himself. It’s frightening. I’m starting to feel anxious just talking about him.”

Even top republican candidates sought to distance themselves from Trump, one such leader Chris Vance told Seattle Times that, “It’d be better if we had a nominee who could unite the party and bring everyone together. Maybe that’ll still happen, but today it doesn’t appear to be.”

Meanwhile Donald Trump is getting support from different sections of the society, as a social media campaign called “Hindus for Trump” also portrayed the billionaire republican as Lord Vishnu on its Twitter handle. 

While people are worried about Trumps views on banning Muslims and a wall between US and Mexico, they are still wondering why the billionaire turned demagogue is generating the kind of support he has.