The internet is a brutal place with no forgiveness for anyone, not even the president of a country! This fact was best demonstrated by the Belarusians when they started the #GetNakedAndGoToWork hashtag.

It all began with the President’s speech on new technology. He said, “Innovations, IT-technologies, privatization – it is all clear. We’ve conquered all of them. But everything is very simply, one should get undressed and work.”

Employees soon obeyed the dictator and shared photos of themselves at work… NAKED!

The local internet forums went berserk and soon perpetuated a raunchy trend across the country.

 You must be wondering how can the President say something like that, right?


Well, the President wasn’t entirely at fault here. The President wanted to tell people to “develop themselves”, but ‘develop’ and ‘get undressed’ sound very similar in Russian, hence the “get undressed” faux pas.

 Anyway, how can someone hate this reaction?

You gotta love this genre of trolling. It makes everyone happy, even the person getting trolled!