In yet another shameful incident of VIP racism, the security personnel of Union Minister Mahesh Sharma thrashed security guards of a housing colony in Ghaziabad. The incident happened on Friday when the culture minister arrived in a convoy of SUVs outside the main gate of a residential complex.

When the security guard of the colony came to inquire, a man in grey suit who was the personal security officer of the minister pulled the guard back. Minutes later, he started slapping the guard. The other security guard of the colony who tried to help was also attacked. The officer stopped only after other security personnel of the minister intervened. 

A CCTV footage capture the whole incident:

“It took hardly two minutes for us to open the gate and yet minister ji’s security thrashed and abused us,” the security guard told ANI News. The colony residents said that such kind of behaviour won’t be tolerated and they would report the matter to police.

Meanwhile, the minister has apologised to the security guard for the incident and said that he has suspended his security official.

(Feature image source: PTI)