The unimaginable has happened and everything has collapsed.

Donald J. Trump, former reality TV star and business magnate, has been elected as the 45th President of The United States of America. The racist, sexist hatemonger has shocked the world, defeating rival Hilary Clinton with an unexpected victory. He has left us all disgusted with his words and actions time and again, and yet he basked in all those votes.

Now, he is set to lead his country. God bless, America.

This tragedy could make me cry but laughter might help too.

Which brings us to these funny memes that troll Trump as he is. They’re wonderfully accurate and make so much more sense than the guy himself.

Check them out! 


We can despise him all we want but the damage is done. Here we are, baffled out of our minds while this absurd human makes his way to the White House.

He won and nothing can change that.