On Monday, 8 undertrials, all of whom were allegedly affiliated with banned outfit SIMI, were reported to have killed a jail official in the Madhya Pradesh Central Jail, scaled a perimeter wall and fled. They were all later killed in a controversial incident near the jail. 

Head constable Ramashankar Yadav, was allegedly killed when one of the eight inmates allegedly slashed his throat. The police official was killed with a knife fashioned out of steel plates, which one of the inmates allegedly used to slit his throat. 

Jail Minister Kusum Mehdele has announced a Rs. 50,000 compensation and a government job to the next of kin of the police official.

MP Chief Minister Shivraj Sigh Chouhan has also promised Rs 10,000 to the family of the deceased police official, along with an additional 5,00,000 for the guard’s daughter, who was about to get married.  

Yadav was 56-years old and had been working as the Head Warder for the terrorists’ cell. He usually worked the graveyard shift, and according to reports, often complained of his odd working hours to his superiors. 

Yadav has three children, two sons and a daughter. 

Both his sons, Shambhunath and Prabhunath are in the Indian army, posted in Guwahati and Hissar respectively, reports the Indian Express. Yadav was reportedly preparing for his daughter’s wedding, and according to his family, had been very excited about it. 

“Ramashankar was happy and excited over his 24-year-old daughter Sonia’s wedding scheduled for December 9,” his nephew Vijay Shanker Yadav.

“My uncle was busy making arrangements for his daughter’s marriage. But as fate had it, we got the news of his killing by SIMI men this morning,” Vijay said.

The news of Yadav’s death cast a pall of gloom on the festivities in his home. His family said that Yadav had not even come home for Diwali this year as he had been working.

The police official’s family wants Yadav to be declared a martyr. 

“We want our father to be declared a martyr. He gave his life serving the department. He did not deserve to die like this,” his son, Prabhunath told Hindustan Times. 

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with inputs from PTI