A high level political drama was witnessed in Bihar on Friday after chief minister, Nitish Kumar, was asked to prove to prove his majority in the house. Kumar, who ended the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ between JD(U), RJD and Congress, won the floor test with 131 votes.

The newly sworn-in chief minister, who has joined hands with BJP, has certainly irked his former allies who are now a part of the Opposition. RJD’s former deputy CM, Tejashwi Yadav, against whom CBI is probing a case of corruption, accused Kumar of playing dirty politics.

The floor test led to Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav indulging in a heated war-of-words inside the House. Here is the best of the political “tu tu main main’ between the two.

What all Tejashwi Yadav said against Nitish Kumar:  

  • “Nitish ji, aren’t you ashamed of sitting next to Sushil Modi?”
  • “He (Nitish) cheated and betrayed the people of the state who gave him massive mandate. He played dirty politics. He just looked for an excuse to cross over to the BJP”
  • “I believe the govt formed with the help of BJP is murder of democracy”
  • “You (Nitish Kumar) used me as a pawn to go over to the BJP. You have gone from saying ‘He Ram’ (in consternation) when you saw the BJP, to saying ‘Jai Shri Ram”.
  • “Nitish Kumar was with the BJP earlier too, but this time he has proved he is anti-Backward Classes and anti-Dalit by rejoining them.”
  • “If he had, I would have thought about it. I was taking legal opinion and I told him so. Nitish Kumar is still my uncle, but he betrayed me. If Nitish had asked me to resign, I would have thought about it”
  • “My father was not in Putra moh, he was in Bhai moh (favouring a brother) that’s why he (Nitish Kumar) was elected as the Chief Minister.”
  • “Everything from the resignation of Nitish Kumar and BJP’s support to him was planned. The way in which he (Nitish Kumar) gave his resignation was saddening” 
  • “Why was he silent during the CBI raids?”
  • “I am here to serve the people, not one family…We are not here only to enjoy the fruits of power.”
  • “We were given a mandate to work. We tried to overcome all the problems by respecting the ‘Mahagatbandhan'”
  • “You (Tejashwi), were not clarifying on the corruption charges. I had only asked your explanation. This government will work and serve the people of Bihar”
  • “We will not tolerate corruption and injustice. Secularism is not to hide your corruption and wrongdoings.”
  • “The decision I took was in the best interest of Bihar”
  • “The CM’s seat is not about enjoying power but about serving the people”