In a recent tour to London, senior journalists from esteemed newspapers managed to embarass Mamata Banerjee, the government of Bengal and also the country. They were caught stealing cutlery at the dinner table.


According to Outlook, the CM of Bengal was on an official tour to Bengal, accompanied by senior editors, who were handpicked by their organizations to accompany the CM on this very important tour.

During an official dinner with the top dignitaries, a senior journalist from a respected newspaper had the brilliant idea of stuffing the silverware into his pockets. The others, instead of stopping him, followed suit, thinking no one was watching.


However, to their plight, the entire incident was being recorded live on CCTV footage. After observing them for long, the hotel staff decided to confront them. 

On being confronted, most of the journalists returned the silverware, however, one of the scribes refused to accept that he had stolen anything. He had, in fact, hidden the cutlery in a fellow journalist’s bag so that the other one be caught and not he!


He confessed only when the hotel threatened to hand him over to the police and was let go with a fine of £50.

The news has spread like wildfire and evidently tarnishes India’s name.