An undergraduate girl student of a university in Kolkata alleged that she was assaulted and abused for wearing shorts and smoking by some men returning from a poll rally of the “ruling party”.

Police, however, said so far there is no proof of political link to the alleged incident. The 22-year-old girl claimed that she dialled Police emergency number 100 for help following the incident late on Friday night and filed an FIR at Netaji Nagar Police Station the same night.

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According to the girl’s FIR, the incident took place when she and her male friend, a student of the same university, were returning home at Gandhi Colony of Netaji Nagar in the southern parts of the city when they chose to halt at a place near her home for smoke. Suddenly six men returning from a political rally, allegedly of Trinamool Congress, demanded explanation why she was wearing shorts and puffing cigarette and assaulted her, she said in the FIR.

Following her complaint, police personnel called her up at around 2.30 AM and two male cops visited her home 30 minutes later as she failed to mention the date and time in her complaint, she claimed. The girl also claimed that the policemen again called her up at around 3.30 AM saying they needed to visit her home again because she had used an ink of different colour while putting the date and time.

Officer-in-charge of Netaji Nagar Police Station Debasish Chakraborty told PTI, “We have taken up the case and started our investigation. So far we have not got any such proof that there was any political link to this incident.”

b’A representational image | Source: PTI’

Stating nobody has been arrested so far the OC said since the girl has complained against “unidentified” persons, “it is becoming tough to nab them”.

To the girl’s claim that she was visited by male police personnel at her home in the night, he said, “Certain things the complainant is saying are incorrect. We have tried our best to help her.”

“There was a woman police personnel present when our officers went to her home to get the date and time of the incident on her FIR lodged with us… We only went to her place after taking her consent,” Chakraborty said.

The incident caused a flutter when the girl posted the entire ‘experience’ on her Facebook wall.

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