Remember RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s extremely insensitive comments about the flooded Ganga river being actually a ‘blessing’ for the people? Well, he now has another bizarre justification in his bid to show solidarity to the flood victims in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Reiterating his earlier stand on the issue, Yadav said that his statement should be taken on a positive note adding that Ganga has given people both profit and loss. He blamed the BJP-headed Jharkhand government for releasing water into Bihar without proper intimation. 

He added that the river is flooding because it’s furious that the Centre is selling Ganga water in bottles.

Watch him speak here: 

Here is the English translation:

This is all the handiwork of BJP leaders. The BJP-headed government in Jharkhand released water into Bihar without any proper intimation. They (BJP-headed central government) are selling Ganga water. They are selling Ganga Maa. And Ganga Maa came everywhere without taking in consideration any of them. It has profits as well as losses. People have incurred losses because they (Centre) are selling Gangajal.

b’The flooded Hajipur district | Source: PTI’

Lalu Prasad Yadav during a visit to flood-affected Maner which lies on the outskirts of Patna had earlier told the flood victims that they should consider themselves fortunate that Ganga water has reached their doorsteps. His comments created an uproar across media platforms with many slamming him for being insensitive towards the flood victims.

More than 23 lakh people have been affected in the Bihar floods with many areas, especially the riverine belt of 12 districts, badly reeling under water in the state. As many as 27 teams from National Disaster Response Force are carrying out rescue operations in the state.

(Feature image source: PTI)