Two senior BJP leaders  on Friday were left embarrassed after they set Twitter abuzz with criticism by “wishing happiness” on the occasion of Good Friday, a day observed to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The volley of criticism was directed at Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma and party leader Shahnawaz Hussain.

Twitter/Smriti Kak

Mr Sharma later deleted his tweet.

“May you be blessed with goodness and prosperity. Happy #GoodFriday,” Mr Sharma had tweeted, while Mr Hussain said, “Warm Greetings on #GoodFriday to all of you!”

The irony of “greetings” on the solemn occasion was not lost on Twitterati who called for “classes” on how “not to wish” while a few pointed out that the tweets were in “bad taste”.

Mr Sharma later corrected his faux pas and tweeted,

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain tweeted, “Warm Greetings on #GoodFriday to all of you!”. He later deleted his tweet but there were reactions.

Nawab Malik responded to Mr Hussain saying, “If you have not read the #Bible at least read the #Quran and you will know the meaning of #GoodFriday and Jesus.”

“@ShahnawazBJP Mr Husain today is the day Christ was crucified. It is a day of sadness. Your greetings are in very bad taste,” Vikram Batra tweeted.

Author Rana Safvi said wishing people on Good Friday was akin to saying “Happy Aashoor (Moharrum)”.

“Before Good Friday and 10th Moharrum can we have classes on how people should (not) wish their friends,” the author tweeted.