Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is known for taking on the media. And now he has slammed media personnel “who blabber needlessly” and has some pretty weird advice for them.

Speaking at a Bharatiya Janata Party meeting in in north Goa on Monday, Parrikar slammed media for seeking publicity. In his speech, he reportedly spoke of how a Marathi editor of a vernacular daily had advised then US President Richard Nixon in his editorial column.

b’A file photo of Manohar Parrikar | Source: PTI’

“How could an editorial written by him in Marathi reach Nixon? He is in America,” he said.

“Some people do not understand their limits. They keep blabbering. I have some good advice for them. Remove your clothes and dance naked,” he added, reports IANS.

Earlier this month, Parrikar targeted the media for what he said was its eagerness to break news in its bid to get TRPs. The defence minister said that in such cases, the news gets broken. He also said that due to the competition between the media houses to break news, they cannot be allowed to manipulate the words of a person, reports ANI

(Feature image source: PTI)