Narendra Modi’s speech to end the debate on the President’s speech was largely about how his government has performed and how the Congress didn’t do anything. 

So there were jibes and barbs aplenty directed at the Congress and some at the opposition parties. But one MP who was really surprised to find himself being mentioned in the speech was AAP’s Bhagwant Mann. 

Quoting a poem by Charwaha, Modi said,”Jab tak jio mauj karo (while you are alive, have fun), karj karo aur ghee piyo (take debts and drink as much ghee as you want)“.

“At that time the culture was such that he (charwaha) said ghee, but Bhagwant Mann, would have said drink something else,” he said, as BJP MPs and others burst into laughter. 

Then he said that in the present day, sages who spoke about drinking ghee might have to talk about drinking something else. 

But Mann didn’t miss the random barb and promptly stood up in surprise. The camera panned to him to catch the moment: 

And he sure wasn’t happy

He didn’t approve of it at all

A shake of the head later he could do nothing but continue listening to the speech as the Prime Minister continued talking about demonetisation. 

The AAP MP, who was suspended from Parliament for one session for recording security procedures, isn’t facing such an allegation for the first time. 

He’s been accused by another MP of coming to Parliament drunk, a claim that the comedian-turned-MP has constantly denied. The Prime Minister’s barb isn’t going to help his cause though. 

Here’s a video of the incident: