The prospect of Donald Trump becoming the new American President was merely a laughable social media meme in 2015. But in 2016, the meme has solemnly morphed into a very real possibility as Trump powers on through the nomination process, beating all other contenders for the official Republican nomination.

This is the same Donald Trump who had been on the receiving end of vitriolic criticism for his highly xenophobic, anti-Islamic, anti-Hispanic, anti-feminist comments and non-traditional ways. He also has a ludicrous proposal to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out “illegal” Mexican immigrants. But as of May 2016, he has the support of 1056 delegates out of the 2472 needed for an official Republican nomination. He has won most of the caucuses and primaries, and has a massive and staunch following.

But who are these people and why do they support Donald Trump? Here’s taking a look at the top 5 reasons why Americans love Trump.

1.“He says it like it is”

Flickr/Gage Skidmore

This is one of the major reasons cited by Trump supporters to justify their support. Americans say are tired of phony politicians, ranting off rehearsed speeches at rallies. Trump, a businessman, and a political outsider instils confidence in people with his quick wit and outrageous comments. In fact, the media outrage over him also seems to be winning him supporters!

2. A Messiah to the white working class

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A large chunk of Trump supporters are part of the white, working class. He talks about free trade, and its harmful effects on the American working class. His zealous announcements to “Kill NAFTA” (North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement) is almost leftist in nature (and very un-Republican), as a result of which he’s managed to get support.

3. Trump’s campaign is self-funded


To many, The Guardian says, the fact that Trump has a reputation for “making deals”, combined with the fact that he is a businessman with his own money earns him supporters. Because they believe that this means he is free of the corrupting power of campaign finances, lobbyists, donations and private vested interests. 

4. To stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President


According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly half of American voters who support either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for the White House said they will mainly be trying to block the other side from winning. 

5. Because Trump says what many can’t legally say

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It is well known that a majority of Trump supporters are openly xenophobic, conservative, working class and white. For many, The Guardian says “Trump’s followers’ passions are nothing more than the ignorant blurtings of the white American id, driven to madness by the presence of a black man in the White House.” A New York Times study proved it by coordinating the location of Trump supporters to a mapping of racist Google searches.

(Feature Image: Flickr/Sage Skidmore)