In Japan for 3 days of the annual Indo-Japan Summit, PM Narendra Modi has signed a landmark nuclear agreement with the nation. 

Modi told media in Tokyo that he aims to make India the most open economy in the world. 

”My resolve is to make India the most open economy in the world. The impact of our efforts is being felt and recognised globally”,  he said as he addressed CEOs and investors in Japan. 

The PM’s second trip to Japan in two years comes amid growing Chinese influence in the region. Encouraging travelers and businesspersons to avail the visa services India extends to Japanese citizens, the PM said: 

“Asia has emerged as the new centre of global growth. India and Japan will have to continue to play a major role in Asia’s emergence. “  

The PM also said a combination of Japan’s hardware and India’s software makes form a great combination. 

Here are 12 key highlights from his trip so far: