While the merits and demerits of the government’s demonetisation move can be discussed and debated at lenght, the woes the public has been facing due to the drive isn’t up for debate. Earlier today, a photograph published in the Hindustan Times of a crying old man after he missed his spot in the long ATM queue went viral on Twitter. The picture captioned ‘They said only the rich will cry’ shows an elderly man crying after he missed his spot in the long SBI queue outside an ATM in Gurgaon. The picture seems vaguely familiar for many Indian citizens who have fought the cold and stood in long queues to withdraw/deposit cash.

While new notes of the denomination Rs 2000 and Rs 500 have made it to the ATMs, the circulation has been slow. And with frequent ATM breakdowns, and cash running out, this means standing in the hour-long queues also becomes a futile exercise.

While the picture went viral, a lot of Twitterati are finding their voice in support of the old man’s tears: