After a report about her getting a palatial bungalow in Lutyens’ Delhi for a much lower rent than others, thanks to an intervention over a decade ago, Priyanka Gandhi is reportedly seeking an apology from the newspaper for carrying the article. 

According to an IANS report, Gandhi has sent a letter through her lawyer Aman Panwar demanding an “unqualified apology” and giving her letter the same prominence as “the patently false and malicious captioned news article.”

b’Gandhi has refuted the article | Source: PTI’

The letter, addressed to the editor-in-chief Jaideep Bose, also claims that the journalist in question seemed to have “completely lost sight of the incontrovertible facts in her eagerness to publish a sensational but false and defamatory story in a hasty fashion”.

It also claimed that the entire tone of the article was misleading and was “laden with premeditated fatal misstatements or inaccuracies.”

The letter to the editor came after Gandhi had earlier said that she was paying the same rent as others in the same security bracket and was occupying that bungalow due to security concerns.