Shashi Tharoor has always been one step ahead of us. The entire country has always been in awe of his intelligence and command over the English language. Yet, Mr. Tharoor likes to surprise us from time to time by going even a level beyond his fame. Whatever your political stance maybe, you cannot help but be amazed by this man’s wit and expression. Just a few months ago this MP from Kerala had the entire nation looking up their dictionaries with a single tweet.

Here are some of the other times when he left the people of the nation scratching their heads, wondering whether to hate him or love him.

Someone really had to say this:

When he wanted us to up our English game by taking a dig at Nitish Kumar:

The man dares to speak what everyone just thinks:

When he was all for freedom of expression:

This man is a sorcerer of words:

Observation skills on point.

Creative much?

Supporting India across all formats!

The time when he shared some wise words for the good of the people:

Puns anyone?

On Aadhar being made mandatory for death certficates!

True that.

Wish I got such interesting forwards:

Humility in fame.

Asking the right questions!

That correlation though.

We seriously need to learn humour from this man.

He’s got his own unique way of weaving words together.

Love him or hate him, you simply cannot ignore him!