BJP leader and former AAP member Shazia Ilmi has filed a police complaint against some Aam Aadmi Party supporters for allegedly making filthy remarks against her on social media. Ilmi on Tuesday registered her complaint at the Mandir Marg police station in Delhi. 

Ilmi said that she was targeted during the campaigning of the civic body elections that are scheduled this week. 

“I want to know who these men are. This is such a filthy thing that people usually look away. I don’t want to be the idol of sympathy but want to courageously take on these offenders,” Ilmi told India Today.

What’s the issue?

It all started when Ilmi on Monday criticised expelled AAP leader Sandeep Kumar for campaigning for BJP’s Savita Khatri (The BJP has sacked Khatri for this). 

Ilmi said that because of her criticism, she was subject to obscene and filthy comments by AAP supporters. Kumar was expelled from AAP last year after his sex video was leaked in the media. 

Ilmi recently put posted a video on Twitter where she showed print-outs of the alleged abuse against her. However, she said the comments against her were too obscene to narrate.

(Feature image source: PTI)