In yet shocking another incident which clearly shows lack of sensitivity among the politicians, senior Uttar Pradesh minister Azam Khan has now said that the Bulandshahr gangrape incident could be a ‘political conspiracy’. Khan who is a Cabinet minister in the Samajwadi Party government said that it could be a ploy by the opposition to defame the government.

b’Protesters at the site where the gangrape took place | Source: PTI’

“We need to check that if such incidents are part of a propaganda by the opposition to defame the government as assembly elections are near. These days political parties go to extreme lengths in the quest for power,” Khan said at a press conference, reports The Times of India.

He added that the opposition has resorted to such cheap measures because it is otherwise impossible to defame the SP government which is doing good work in Uttar Pradesh. 

His outrageous comments invited strong criticism from several quarters with many accusing him of being extremely insensitive.

Here are some of the adverse reactions:

(Feature image source: PTI)