JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar’s visit to Hyderabad Central University seems to be getting more controversial by every passing moment.

Amid reports of a media blackout and no entry for outsiders on the campus, here comes news that Kanhaiya was attacked by a shoe during a talk in the city.

Kanhaiya was talking about the government crackdown on universities including JNU and Hyderabad university when an activist – allegedly from right-wing outfit Goraksha Dal – hurled a shoe at him, saying, “Anti-nationals like Kanhaiya should not be allowed to speak,” according to a report in The Times Of India. Kanhaiya was speaking at a seminar on ‘Constitutional Rights’, organised at Sundrayya Vignana Kendram (SVK) at Baghlingampally, a building run by Left parties.

The shoe missed him and fell on the stage.

The activist was identified as Pawan Kumar, and was apprehended by his supporters immediately, as Kanhaiya said, “Kuch bhi kar lo, hum darne wala nahi hai”, as per a report by New Indian Express.


While the man was removed from the venue by the police and taken into custody, Kanhaiya said, “I want to ask them on whose directions are they doing it. One day you will know you are throwing chappal at yourself.”

Kanhaiya has earlier been allegedly beaten up by lawyers in court and attacked on campus, and the vexation against him seems to have no end.

The 29-year-old was barred from going to Hyderabad University, where classes have been suspended and outsiders have been stopped from entering following violent protests against controversial VC Appa Rao.