Social media is not India but it is a battleground like no other. The AAPtards and the Bhakts are the leaders in this sphere but the Congi Chamhas are rising fast and they have a few choice phrases that they tend to use without fail.

We are not getting into the rights and wrongs of this, but on social media, there is no neutral party. It’s either here or there.

Here are 6 ways to identify a Congi Chamcha for sure:

Talks about how Vajpayee was great but Modi isn’t

You want to show that you are not biased and the best way to show that is to talk about how great Vajpayee was and how Modi is not even a patch on the former PM. If that doesn’t work, just mention how Vajpayee wanted Modi to step down after the 2002 riots. And if you want to go a step further, compare Modi to Hitler/Mussolini/Etc. Boom.

Swear by the vision and mission of Rahul Gandhi

It takes a terrifying degree of delusion to praise the Congress vice-president — not only on social media but in general as well. If you do this, you are a Congi Chamcha for sure. Indeed, also drop in a few keywords like pro-poor, not communal, youth leader, son of Rajiv Gandhi, grandson of Indira Gandhi, great grandson of Nehru and you are set with the title for life.

Mentions Communal India… all the time

The difference between the Congress and the BJP is that of secularism. We were never like this. We were never scared but the BJP has an agenda. It is clear they do. The Muslims are afraid of speaking out; the Dalits are dying… what is the Modi government doing? Is this what they promised? Is this what he promised? While at it, it is always a good idea to talk about intolerance, award wapsi, VK Singh, Modi, RSS, VHP, and how people are afraid of speaking their mind in India.

Prove that the BJP are copycats

From MGNREGA to dealing with Pakistan, a true Congi Chamcha will point out all the U-turns over and over again. So expect the timeline to have more than a smattering of such terms — China, foreign visits, false promises, black money scheme or even hashtag sarkar.

Keeps mentioning how Smriti Irani is a …

No one irritates the Congi Chamcha more than the HRD minister. Not only is she the most outspoken of Modi’s ministers but she has shown that she is ever ready to take on trolls on social media as well. She also seems to be someone the RSS loves and of course, that means the Congi chamchas are going to attack her like there is no tomorrow. If you run out of insults, go with something as base as this: ‘Bhakts only like 10th fail (Manu)Smriti Irani.’

Falls back on the Gujarat riots of 2002

Modi let it happen — under his watch. Then, he stood and watched. Now, he did the same with #Dadri. The same with #intolerance. The same with #JNU. Rahul is better than this, he would have never let this happen. Modi’s silence points to a guilty conscience and perhaps a sign of approval.