Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has been creating quite a stir ever since he joined office in 2014. He is known for his reformative policies and broader outlook with a vision for the future. Being so highly qualified, Mr. Prabhu can be seen implementing that knowledge in his political life and thus he has brought forward revolutionary policies that were seldom thought of before. He is truly a leader of young India as he has fully gauged the power of social media, be it in spreading awareness about people’s rights and duties or providing immediate relief. The railway ministry has come a long way under him and though there is much left to achieve, we need to commend him for some of his outstanding achievements. Here are a few times when he made us feel that we need more politicians like him.

1. The time he allowed the trial of high-speed trains

Suresh Prabhu gave the green signal to Spanish company Talgo for a trial of their high-speed trains on Indian tracks. Although the trial was a success, it might be a few years before these high-speed light-weight trains can actually run on our tracks. The trial, however, made us aware that something of this sort can actually happen if we take necessary steps.


2. When he proposed to launch new trains keeping all sections of society in mind

“Every customer is our brand ambassador, the very reason of our existence. Therefore, each time that he or she travels, the satisfaction quotient must go up”- these were the words of Mr. Prabhu before announcing the new trains. In his Railway Budget 2016, Prabhu proposed the idea of Antyodaya Express and Deendayalu coaches for unreserved passengers. The aim is to enhance traveling experience for the weakest sections of society. 


3. The way he always provides prompt service to people in distress

Need we reiterate the endless number of times the Twitter handle of Railway Ministry of India under Suresh Prabhu has come to the rescue of people in distress?. He is one man who knows how to use social media for the greater good.

And there is always a prompt reply

Other bodies have also become active due to the influence of Suresh Prabhu

Twitter/Renuka Sahane

DRM Mumbai provided immediate relief to the concerned person and Suresh Prabhu himself reached out to her too.

Twitter/Suresh Prabhu

We really are in awe of him.

4. The much-needed improvement done in IRCTC website and ease in tatkal booking

TBH, booking a ticket through IRCTC used to be a nightmare. Tech savvy as he himself is, it’s no wonder the scenario has changed now. The booking capacity and traffic management of the site has increased manifold. Even the process of booking of Tatkal tickets has been simplified.

5. When he came up with the idea of providing Wi-Fi service at railway stations

Providing free Wi-Fi service was a welcome move by the railway minister as internet availability makes it a lot easier for people to gain information about their booking status and/or the train status quickly. It also serves as a means of biding time while waiting for the train.


6. When he arranged for the availability of baby foods at stations

The scheme known as Janani Seva is one of the prime examples of the responsiveness of Suresh Prabhu. Following the complaint of a mother about the absence of milk at rail premises, Mr. Prabhu launched the scheme to ensure availability of essential items like hot milk and water at stations.


7. When he pioneered the organization and execution of Rail Vikash Shivir

In this first of its kind initiative railway employees from all across the country were called to the Rail Vikash Shivir to brainstorm and provide ideas for the betterment of railways. It aimed at creating a framework that suited all the employees to the lowest levels. This had been done for the first time in 163 years of the existence of Indian Railways.


8. The way he has brought  major reform in cleanliness in railways

The launch of “Clean My Coach” service showed that Suresh Prabhu understood the immediate needs of people and he is committed to making traveling a wholesome and satisfying experience. As per the scheme, for any cleaning requirement in the coach, passenger sends an SMS on a mobile number 58888. Alternatively, the passenger can also use the Android app. Railway also sends you a message asking for the feedback. 


9. When he introduced exemplary Trains like Gatimaan Express, Humsafar Express, Tejas Express

Suresh Prabhu has given India its fastest train- Gatimaan Express. Tejas Express is another high-speed train. Humsafar Express is meant to give the feels of a luxury train within the budget of a common man.


10. When he brought forward the idea of “Smart Stations” in planned Smart Cities.

 Mr. Prabhu has been renowned for his progressive thinking and it comes out once again in the ambitious move to tied up with the MoU to ensure that the smart cities of India also have ‘smart railway stations’. The areas surrounding the railway stations will be redeveloped with an aim to provide easy access to stations, better passenger amenities and also enable optimal utilization of land at railway stations.


11. The way he has brought about improvement in Catering and Water facilities

Good food is a basic requirement, especially during long journeys. Railway Minister’s introduction of E-catering allows the freedom of choice of food. Also, he has collaborated with different Self Help Groups (SHGs) to provide chilled water to passengers at cheaper rates using vending machines at stations. 1000+ Water Vending Machines providing RO water installed at stations across the country.


12. The way he is addressing the utmost important issue of security

Suresh Prabhu has hardly left any aspect of travel comfort unattended including safety. A total of 340+ stations have been provided with CCTV surveillance to ensure safety. Railway coaches are also being equipped with CCTV cameras to enhance security. Railway Ministry is also responsive in case someone is in a situation of danger.


 13. When a panic-stricken father received immediate relief due to active social media

According to a report, a child had severely injured himself by falling off the upper berth of the railway and that’s when the responsive Railway Ministry sprung into action to relieve the worried father.

Time and again Suresh Prabhu proves how grounded he is and that he understands the needs and woes of common man. Not just that he takes actions to provide as much assistance and relief as he can. There are more examples where we get to witness the vision and sheer brilliance of this man and we just hope that he keeps on doing the good work and inspire us as he always has.