In a politically charged modern society, we are divided on almost everything – race, religion, caste. Amidst these hostile settings, there exists a village in Tamil Nadu that has maintained a politically neutral stance for the last four decades. Vellur-I is a tiny village which no party flags, banners or graffiti.

b’Source – TOI’

There’s no political merchandise, poster or banner on display in this village.

Election Commission of India has laid down rules pertaining to the Code of Conduct for the different political parties. This Code of Conduct prevents the excessive use of political flags and banners in the residential areas. The elders of this village had taken this stand long before the Election Commission of India had passed this rule. 

b’Source – India Today’

The entire population of 3,000 villagers participate in this unwritten rule by the village elders. The lack of political symbols promotes a sense of solidarity in the villagers and the kids aren’t politically indoctrinated from a young age. Last year, a member of the village was fined after the workers of a party painted a graffiti on his wall.

In an interview with TOI, 20-year-old Balaji said, 

“We respect our elders and forefathers. Here, defacing the walls is unheard of. I have never seen members of a political party hoisting a flag. The men here are affiliated to AIADMK, DMK and VCK, but they maintain the village discipline.”
b’Source – Amherst’

The lack of political merchandise does not mean that the village isn’t politically active. Different parties have to take permission before hosting a rally in the village. Vellur-I also reported a total polling of 90% in the last elections.

Vellur-I is proof that without the divisive powers of politics, peace can be maintained. We are all Indians, after all.