The battle for Bengal is intensifying as the three way battle between the Trinamool Congress led by Mamata Banerjee, CPM and the BJP, and as temperatures soar, the West Bengal CM roared at a rally in Nandigram, which was touted as the biggest public gathering in the in the ongoing elections in the state.

In what seemed like a show of power, Mamata Banerjee addressed a gathering in Nandigram, where her surge to power in the 2011 elections begin. In the region where thousands of farmers stood up to armed policemen and 14 died in police firing, people rushed to the venue from surrounding areas, The Indian Express reported.

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As Mamata arrived in a chopper, people climbed trees and sat on roofs to catch a glimpse of the CM, who seemed exhilarated on her arrival at undisputed territory for TMC.

The firebrand leader started off by hitting out at the election commission and soon took on the police for their high handed approach.

She also dealt blows to the newly appointed Kolkata police commissioner.

Then targeted the Congress and CPM for being hand in glove with the authorities.

She challenged paramilitary forces,

And warned of dire consequences for those acting against her.

At the end she invoked uprisings in Singur and Nandigram to remind how she can stand up to police.

As East Medinipur and Cooch Behar districts are set to vote in the last phase of Assembly elections on May 5, Didi’s war cry has certainly raised the bar.