Politicians in India have always been obsessed about Pakistan. Be it talking about transporting ‘anti-nationals’ to Pakistan or hitting out at Pakistani artists and sports persons, the mere mention about our neighbour becomes a raging debate.

And the latest being this leader from Trinamool Congress who is facing the heat for his ‘mini-Pakistan’ in Kolkata comment.

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So here is how it started:

While campaigning, West Bengal cabinet minister and Trinamool Congress legislator Bobby Firhad Hakim, he reportedly told a Pakistani journalist that his constituency was a ‘mini-Pakistan’. It soon engulfed into a major controversy after the report got published in Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn. This is what was written in the report titled Canvassing in ‘mini-Pakistan’ of Kolkata

“Please come along and let us take you to mini-Pakistan in Kolkata,” 

And at the end of the report:

Firhad is right … This does feel like mini-Pakistan

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The Bharatiya Janata Party was quick to take the offence with several leaders condemning the comment. State BJP vice-president Joyprakash Majumdar also filed a complaint with the Election Commission reports The Times of India.

But Hakim has rubbished all the allegations and called it a ‘communal conspiracy’ because he is targeted for being a Muslim. And of course there was a Narendra Modi reference.

“If Modi goes to Pakistan, it’s fine and if i say something, it becomes an issue,” reports India Today

His party has distanced itself from the comments but there were other reactions as well: